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Our Journey

A friend gave me a similar cashmere poncho as a gift many years ago after visiting Nepal and it immediately became one of my most prized and precious possessions, often receiving admiring glances, soft touches and enquiring comments.

Since then, I have searched for another one, with no luck, so I decided to launch Casha and the Casha poncho, so that everyone else could enjoy one too.

Our Cashmere

Made using only the best cashmere, from the downy undercoat of the Cashmere goat found high in the Himalayas, the Casha poncho benefits from the unique qualities associated with this famous goat, the thinness of its hair as well as the warmth it provides.

Each poncho is handmade using 100% cashmere.

The Casha poncho is produced responsibly, respecting the environment and people who make them. Every stage of our process from the sourcing of the cashmere to the making of the ponchos is done with care.

Our Poncho

Cashmere Poncho

It is warm, soft and incredibly versatile - there are so many ways to wear it and so many occasions to wear it for. It's a coat, it's a blanket and it's a pillow, the perfect item for every wardrobe and the ultimate travel accessory.

The Casha poncho is available in the sumptuous colours of Midnight Black, Warm Beige, Ocean Grey, Vibrant Purple, Leopard Print, Chocolate Brown, Dark Olive, Nautical Navy, Baby Blue and Pink Blue and one size fits all.

It is a perfect square measuring approximately 70x70 cms when fully open and the beauty of this poncho is that it also folds into a much smaller size of around 16x16 cms, so it's easy to fold and carry in your handbag. The casha poncho is so easy to wear, simply slip it over your head and put the seam on your shoulder so that the poncho hangs slightly off centre.

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